GeoTex Engineering, PLC - geotechnical studies in Richmond, VA and surrounding counties

Site Investigations, Testing and Consulting in the Earth Sciences


Early Years

Practiced soil mechanics in the Lone Star State for fourteen years following under-graduate studies at North Carolina State University (BS Civil Engineering, 1977) and post-graduate studies at the University of Texas (MS Geotechnical Engineering, 1985, hence GeoTEX)!

Back Home

Returned to the Old Dominion and continued to build skills in geotechnical engineering practice and problem solving for the past quarter century 

Brave New World

Embarking on an exciting solo professional adventure assisting old friends in their geotechnical needs along with building new relationships


Geotechnical Engineering Studies

Residential Shrink-Swell Reports

Commericial/Residential Inspections 

- Footings/Reinforcing Steel 

- Footing Projections

- Foundations/Cast-In-Place Walls

- Basement/Garage Floor Slabs

Foundation Distress Studies

Consulting/Problem Solving


Let Me Know Your Needs!

GeoTex Engineering, PLC

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